You’ve been searching for a way to earn more from your physical product business, but haven’t had the courage to try. From invented products to handmade goods, you can add an incredible income stream to your business with a set of simple techniques.

By pitching your products to retail stores, you could potentially triple your monthly earnings in a very short time.

My name is Justine Grey Smith and in 2009, I landed my jewelry line Plume Adore in 12 retail stores in just a few short months. Through trial and error, with many mistakes made along the way, I discovered a foolproof formula for getting buyers to pick up my line in their stores. I want to teach you how to do the same.

Pitch Marketing is for you if…

  • You create or manufacture unique products you *know* retail buyers would love.
  • You want to see your products in more retail stores (and earn a higher income to boot!)
  • You’d like to properly pitch to retail stores (no more ignored emails)
  • You want to sell your products to buyers with confidence and ease
  • You are serious about taking the steps necessary in order to execute your dreams

By the numbers…

  • $150 – You’ll earn a minimum of $150, much more than the price of this course, with just 1 retail store order.
  • $8000 – The net amount I earned in 4 months from retailing my work to 12 stores in my area.
  • 142 – The total number of stores I emailed during my 4 month wholesale run.
  • 1000 – The amazing number of retail stores you’ll receive with this two part class
  • $0 – Other than this class, you won’t need to spend a dime to get your work in stores.

Program Details

The Wholesale Action eCourse is delivered in a series of step-by-step modules organized to help you start wholesaling in no time. Besides each module, you’ll be able to ask me up to 5 questions to get  you wholesaling with ease.

Here’s what’s covered in Wholesale Action:

Module One: Getting Retail Ready

What you’ll learn in Module One:
– A lil’ about my wholesale story
– How to find your target audience
– How to choose your wholesale line
– How to price your products for wholesale
– How to put together your line sheet
– How to track your ROI & material inventory

Module Two: The Right Mind Set

What you’ll learn in Module Two:
– The 5 things you don’t need in order to wholesale
– How to banish your fear of wholesale
– How to sell yourself with ease
– The take action formula I use to get things done

Module Three: Finding Stores

What you’ll learn in Module Three:
– How to use competitors to find the best stores
– Which types of competitors to avoid in your search
– Outside the box ideas for non-traditional stores to pitch
– About 5 real industry examples with huge retailer lists
– How to finding stores that are right for you
– About resources you can use so you never have to search for stores again!

Module Four: Email Pitching

What you’ll learn in Module Four:
– Why I prefer email pitching
– 4 Ways to get email addresses fast
– How to pitch your products by email
– The best email pitch formula
– & How to put your very own pitch together easily

Module Five: Phone Selling

What you’ll learn in Module Five:
– Why phone call follow-ups are very important
– Tips for selling over the phone
– A simple way to arm yourself with knowledge in order to sell more
– A huge list of rebuttals for buyers on the fence

Module Six: In-Person Meetings

What you’ll learn in Module Six:
– A simple mind trick to getting over your in-person meeting fears
– What to expect in person for both small boutiques and major chain meetings
– What to bring in order to always seal the deal
– How to arm yourself with the right answers
– Products you can use to up your in-person game

Plus, every module includes video transcripts and extra bonuses including:

  • Defining Your Target Audience Workbook
  • Choosing Your Wholesale Line Workbook
  • Retail Worth Worksheets
  • Pricing Calculator
  • Return On Investment Spreadsheet
  • Inventory Tracking Spreadsheet
  • Banish Your Fears Workbook
  • Selling Yourself Worksheets
  • The No-Fail Take Action Formula
  • Competitor Brainstorming Worksheet
  • Finding Stores That Are Right For You Checklist
  • Potential Questions Worksheet
  • Selling Rebuttals List
  • 4 Ways to Get Email Addresses Fast
  • Email Pitch Formula & Checklist

And, I’ve also included a few special perks:

  • The All-In-One Line Sheet Kit which includes 4 line sheet templates (5 colours for each), wholesale terms & condition guidelines, video and text instructions for your line sheet and more!
  • A list of 1000 gift shops who carry a variety of awesome indie products!
  • Lifetime access to eCourse and any upgrades/additions included later on!

What participants are saying…

“Thanks for the great info and the constant updates. You have been working very hard, and I appreciate it.”


…all of the material looks great


Great job on the marketing course. I am getting a lot out of it!


I am loving your Pitch Marketing class and Create Hype newsletter and can not thank you enough for all the great info!


I really, really appreciate that you are encouraging and addressing our issues.

I’ve been working on my line item sheets, terms, etc. and I want to tell you thank you very much for helping to pave the road to success for me.

I’ve always felt like I didn’t have the tools (such as your online course w/the line sheets) or the advice to do this.

I’m very glad I found you!



I just wanted to thank you for putting your Pitch Marketing class together.


Yes, yes, YES! I’ve gotten in, I’ve watched, I’ve downloaded, I’ve begun my wholesale plan. This is an AWESOME package you’ve put together! Thanks so much.

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What if I don’t have a ton of time?
Since this is done in an eCourse format, you’ll be able to digest the materials at your own pace! Since the course is organized in modules, you can easily take your time and follow the Handy Success Checklist to complete the materials at your speed.

Tell me more about the mailbag!
The mailbag is an area in the course that will show all student’s questions submitted with my responses for each one. You will be able to filter questions by category so you can easily find the topics you’re looking for.

How is the eCourse delivered?
To make it really easy to use, I’ve organized the entire course onto this private site so you’ll get your own login information. Once inside, the materials you find will be in the form of streaming videos, text lessons & transcripts and downloadable PDF’s for you to enjoy.

Can you tell me more about the 1000 gift shops list?
Sure! Included is the name, state and phone number of 1000 verified (meaning I’ve contacted each and every one directly to make sure they are operating) stores known to carry work from artists and crafters.

Are there any hidden costs?
No! Other than your purchase of the course, there isn’t anything more you will need to wholesale your work to retail stores. I do offer the chance to do one-on-one consulting with me at a discounted rate should you need some really personalized/in-depth strategy but that’s a bonus upgrade and completely optional.

What do I need to take this class?
The only thing you need to get your work into retail stores is products! So as long as you sell products you adore, you’re set!

I’m not ready for wholesale… yet. Will this class be available again?
This course will be offered on an ongoing basis but I guarantee you’ll be truly inspired to start wholesaling the moment you step foot in this course. It’s *SO* easy so come inside and start adding more income to your business now.

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